Seven Things You Should Always Remember When Burning A Candle

Posted by Christian Williams on 9/30/2011 to Candle Tip
Seven Safety Steps One Should Always Practice When Buring A Candle.

Red Pillar Candles Are Versatile! Everyone Should Have At Least One Red Candle At Home

Posted by Jasmine Cardova on 9/30/2011
There are several reason why everyone should have a "RED CANDLE"

Statistics show that candles are widely used in 70% of all homes

Posted by Kevin Vargas on 9/29/2011 to Candles
An Amazing Candle Statistic

Tips on how to care for a candle

Posted by Desmond Skinner on 9/24/2011 to Candles
Ways to take care of your candle!

Three easy step showing you how to decorate votive candle holders

Posted by Debbie Hill on 9/23/2011 to Votive Candles
How to decorate votive Candle Holder

Choosing the Right Votive Holder

Posted by Debbie Hill on 9/20/2011 to Votive Candles
Votive Holders

How to choose the best votive candle

Posted by Administrator on 9/20/2011 to Votive Candles

Facts You Need To Know About Votive Candles

Easy Cleanup For Candle Wax On Common Surfaces

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Cleanup Tips for  Candle Wax On Common Surfaces

Thinking Of A Fall Wedding?

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Ideas For A Fall Wedding..........