5 Ways to Create an Elegant, Soft Glow with Votive Candle Holders and Liquid Fuel Cells

Posted by Cherry on 3/26/2014 to Candle Tip
Lighting is the easiest way to dramatically change the mood and energy of the room even if you don't change anything else. You don't even have to go the lighting fixtures route to achieve the atmosphere you want. With the introduction of liquid fuel cells that burn for as long as 80 hours and a broad range of candle holders to fulfil whatever you fancy, you can set-up a lighting landscape that fits well with any occasion, budget and taste without the effort and time that usually go with permanent installations. Create an elegant setting no matter the season and add a sophisticated touch to any space using liquid fuel cells in votive candle holders.

LED lights

Posted by Amy on 3/25/2014 to Candles
Variety use and style of LED lights

Unique Ways to Integrate Mirrors into your Décor

Posted by Addie on 3/12/2014
Mirrors are a great way to open up a space or add a unique appeal to the ambiance of a room. Use the placement of mirrors strategically as they can add depth and light to a room. Use their qualities to emphasize colors, enhance room features, and create a unique effect. Keep the following ideas in mind as you integrate mirrors into your room décor.

Candle light ceremony

Posted by Jennifer Barclay on 3/10/2014 to Candles
Unity Ceremony

Metallic Candles for all Occasion

Posted by Owen Vega on 3/8/2014 to Candles
How to create a formal, elegant and sophisticated creations with metallic candles

Candle Light wihout the Mess

Posted by Administrator on 3/7/2014 to wholesale candles
LED candles are perfect when you want a safe, no hassles lighting option without the flame.

Liquid Paraffin Fuel Cells

Posted by Christine on 3/1/2014 to liquid parafin
Candles add warmth and romance to any setting. There is simply nothing that warms up a table like a small, flickering flame. Sometimes, though, a standard wax candle is impractical for your needs. If you require a longer (12 hours or more) burn time, or don’t want to clean wax out of your decorative votive and tea light holders, liquid paraffin fuel cells might be just what you’re looking for.