Why You Need Flameless Candles

Posted by Millennium Candles on 11/16/2014
There are many reasons people should consider going with flameless candles instead of traditional candles. They are safer and, over the long run, cheaper. Moreover, they produce a gorgeous, warm light. 

The Candle Holiday Season

Posted by Millennium Candles on 11/2/2014 to Votive Candles
'Tis the season to be jolly, but 'tis also the season to be lighting many candles. Candles have been part of the holiday season for as long as the holidays have had a season, filling rooms with warmth, cheer and a festive ambiance you just can't get anywhere else. Before we get into all of the cool things you can do with candles during the Holidays, just a reminder to always use candles safely. The Holidays brings families together, and families mean children, which means lots of little feet running around and little hands grabbing at things. Always keep your candles out of their reach, and always extinguish candles when your Holiday revelry takes you out of the room.