Liquid paraffin fuel cell is a safe and convenient way to add ambiance to restaurants and catering halls

Posted by Jose Santigo on 10/27/2011 to liquid parafin
Liquid paraffin fuel cell is safe and convenient way to add ambiance to a restaurant

Tips on how to use floating candles to make elegant wedding centerpieces

Posted by Susan Wharton on 10/23/2011 to Floating Candles
Floating candle centerpieces that will add classy ambiance to any wedding reception table.

Where Can I buy Cheap Wholesale pillar Candle, tealights, liquid paraffin or votives and candle holder?

Posted by Jodi Williams on 10/17/2011 to candle holder
Millennium Candles is a one stop candle store

How are candles useful?

Posted by Administrator on 10/17/2011 to Candles

Are You Looking For A New Trendy Way to Decorate Your Home?

Posted by Jamine Cartor on 10/11/2011 to Floating Candles
Metallic Floating Candles are the new trend for the Millennium

Why do Catholics light a Votive candle when Praying ?

Posted by Matthew on 10/8/2011 to Votive Candles
Lighting a candle is a way of extending one's prayer and showing solidarity with the person on whose behalf the prayer is offered.