The Inspiration of Floating Candles

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Designing memorable centerpieces and other event decor items requires a great deal of creativity, a firm grasp of materials, and a lot of outside-the-box thinking. After all, most people have been to a large number of events in their life, and have seen more than their share of lacy and frilly centerpieces. If you want to make your mark and develop your reputation, you need to take your centerpieces to an entirely new level. One way to do this is by using what is known as a floating candle.

Easy Summer Candle Décor Ideas

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Summer is fast approaching, and with it the opportunity for new décor ideas! Here are a few suggestions to boost your creativity.

Wedding Planning Is an Insane Time for Brides

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Wedding planning is an insane time for brides. Spring is almost here, and that means the ground thaws, warmer days and evenings will soon be present, and the perfect time to celebrate love. Wedding season is just around the corner, and perspective brides are in hustling and bustling to get things done. 

Creating a Romantic Ambiance: 3 Important Elements You Need to Arrange

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Whether you're planning a special date and would like to set up the rooftop for a romantic dinner or you wish to produce a romantic ambiance in your fine dining resto, there are certain elements you have to take note of in order to achieve your goal.

In creating a romantic mood in any event or venue, it's essential to establish the following: 

Create a Candle Lighting Ceremony

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Lighting a candle is one of the simplest ways to reduce stress, help a person focus or to put together a ritual or ceremony to remember someone who has died. Throughout history light has always had a spiritual significance in different traditions and cultures in lighting candles. Candles are lit for love, for hope, for peace, for luck and to pray. Candles are lit for celebrations, for memorials, for commemorations, for rituals and so many other occasions.

Using Jewelry in Your Table Décor

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Adding  Jewelry  design  to wedding table  decor  is a new trend that  2014!

How To Create Romance Using Candles

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Romance on a Budget using a Cheap Pillar Candle

The Most Popular Wedding Theme

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How to choose the right wedding theme

Candlelight creates a special effect at any occasion

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Candle and Flowers!

Ideas for 2012 Wedding Centerpiece

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Ideas for quick and simply wedding centerpiece