The Inspiration of Floating Candles

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Designing memorable centerpieces and other event decor items requires a great deal of creativity, a firm grasp of materials, and a lot of outside-the-box thinking. After all, most people have been to a large number of events in their life, and have seen more than their share of lacy and frilly centerpieces. If you want to make your mark and develop your reputation, you need to take your centerpieces to an entirely new level. One way to do this is by using what is known as a floating candle.

Candle Safety Tips

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Like many household items, candles are perfectly safe when used properly. Keeping basic safety tips in mind when selecting and decorating with candles will help to prevent mishaps and potentially dangerous fires. Here are our top candle safety tips.

Creating a Romantic Ambiance: 3 Important Elements You Need to Arrange

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Whether you're planning a special date and would like to set up the rooftop for a romantic dinner or you wish to produce a romantic ambiance in your fine dining resto, there are certain elements you have to take note of in order to achieve your goal.

In creating a romantic mood in any event or venue, it's essential to establish the following: 

Different Ways To Using Floating Candles

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Floating candles have become very popular in homes and are often used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place. They are also commonly used in parties, weddings and other functions to induce a festive atmosphere to the celebrations. Here are some unique ways in which you can use floating candles to further beautify your home.

The Beauty of Submerged Table Displays

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Steps to create Centerpiece using Submerse Lights !

Metallic Floating CAndles

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Metallic candles are available in red, silver, gold, copper, green, chocolate, purple and pomegranate.

Centerpiece Ideas Using Floating Candles

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Floating Candle Centerpiece!

Creative ways to display floating Candles

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Floating candles are great for weddings, anniversaries, or any event you want to create a special warm ambiance.

Tips on how to use floating candles to make elegant wedding centerpieces

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Floating candle centerpieces that will add classy ambiance to any wedding reception table.

Are You Looking For A New Trendy Way to Decorate Your Home?

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Metallic Floating Candles are the new trend for the Millennium