Popular Summer Candle Scents

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Summer is upon us already, and it’s time to break out summery scents and décor! But what candle scents are ideal for use in the summer? Here are a few of the tried and true summer candle scents.

Candle Safety Tips

Posted by Millennium Candles on 4/26/2015 to Votive Candles
Like many household items, candles are perfectly safe when used properly. Keeping basic safety tips in mind when selecting and decorating with candles will help to prevent mishaps and potentially dangerous fires. Here are our top candle safety tips.

Easy Summer Candle Décor Ideas

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Summer is fast approaching, and with it the opportunity for new décor ideas! Here are a few suggestions to boost your creativity.

Ten Candle Safety Tips

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Everyone loves the special ambiance that candles provide, with some with bringing an extra measure of olfactory gratification with releasing pleasurable scents as they burn.

A Little Info About That Candle You're Burning

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Everyone loves to see candles burning, and any occasion is made much more significant by the presence of burning candles.

How to deal with candle wax spill

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No more wax spill!

5 Ways to Create an Elegant, Soft Glow with Votive Candle Holders and Liquid Fuel Cells

Posted by Cherry on 3/26/2014 to Candle Tip
Lighting is the easiest way to dramatically change the mood and energy of the room even if you don't change anything else. You don't even have to go the lighting fixtures route to achieve the atmosphere you want. With the introduction of liquid fuel cells that burn for as long as 80 hours and a broad range of candle holders to fulfil whatever you fancy, you can set-up a lighting landscape that fits well with any occasion, budget and taste without the effort and time that usually go with permanent installations. Create an elegant setting no matter the season and add a sophisticated touch to any space using liquid fuel cells in votive candle holders.

Decorating Candles

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When planning a special event, be it a birthday, fundraiser, or wedding, design follow-through is everything. From the card stock of the invitations to the style of the flatware handles, a comprehensive, cohesive design comes through in the details. One of the most effective, and dramatic, ways to impress your guests with your design acumen is with your candles. What are they saying to your guests? To make a real statement with your candles, decorate them!

Seven Things You Should Always Remember When Burning A Candle

Posted by Christian Williams on 9/30/2011 to Candle Tip
Seven Safety Steps One Should Always Practice When Buring A Candle.

Are candle safety standards mandatory?

Posted by Charmine Besty on 9/18/2011 to Candle Tip
All You Need To Know About Candles