12-piece Flameless Smart Candle Evolution Set

12-piece Flameless Smart Candle Evolution Set

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Smart Candle Evolution Rechargeable Series Flameless Candles, set of 12 candles, 1 charging tray and power adaptor

The Evolution Line by Smart Candle represents the next generation of flameless table lighting for the commercial tabletop industry. With its new induction charging system and Smart Guard theft deterrent system, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs can provide the most realistic flame like appearance any flameless system has to offer.

Key features of the Evolution Line include:
  • Up to 18 Hours of Flameless Candlelight from a 6-hour Charge
  • Realistic Candlelight Appearance and Flicker
  • Linkable Pinless Induction Charging Tray
  • Two Different Operational Modes (Flicker/Static)
  • Optional Smart Guard Anti-Theft Protection
  • Optional Smart Guard Protection
    Only available in the Evolution Series, anti-theft system available to help deter theft and protect your
    Smart Candle investment.

    • “Smart Guard” is activated immediately upon turning on your
      Smart Candle Evolution Candles.
    • If the candle is picked up or tilted for more than 5 seconds, the
      LED flame immediately goes out and the red charge indicator
      light inside and on top of the candle unit will start to blink.
    •  If the candle is not returned to its upright position within 5
      seconds the candle unit will then start to “beep”
    • The blinking red LED and beeping will continue until the candle
      unit is put back in its upright position.
      Normal operation resumes 5 seconds after being returned to its
      upright position.
    Turning the candle off does NOT deactivate Smart Guard.
    Smart Guard is active in any mode once turned on and remains
    active until the candle unit is either returned to its powered
    charging tray, or deactivated using the “Smart Guard” key
    Optional Upgrade:
    Smart Guard Technology: Rechargeable Candle turns red and produces an alarm sound when removed from it's container. Protect your investment with smart guard technology

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